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October 31, 2016

Your source for quality, pre-owned AND NOW NEW equipment and savings for your business since 1987!
October is almost over and we have a HUGE inventory of equipment we need to move before the end of 2016. We don't have much time so prices have been reduced on the items shown below and many more pieces of equipment in our inventory. Let us know what we can help you with.
This Cincinnati Milacron is priced to sell and we'll load it on your truck at no additional charge. It's located here in one of our warehouses and was running when removed from production. It has a dual 5 pound accumulator head on 20 inch centers, 3.5 inch 24:1 L/D extruder, 40" x 37" platen, and was built in 1993. It has a throughput of 550 pounds per hour with 50 tons of clamping force. Let us make you a great deal on this machine.
Zerma IS the home for size reduction equipment. From small, beside the press grinders to huge, heavy duty shredders for recycling Zerma has you covered. We offer these NEW high quality machines at exceptionally economical prices to fill the gap when we don't have a used item that fits your needs. Is it time to upgrade your grinders? We'd love the chance to provide a quote and win your business. Call 816-862-8703 or reply to this email for more information.
​​​We've just received a shipment of excellent molds. The dual cavity shown above is an 8 ounce Boston Round with 100mm center distance and 22mm neck. We also have an 8 oz. suntan lotion, 4 oz hot sauce bottle; 4, 6, & 8 oz cylinder and many more to choose from. What bottles would you like to add to your offerings?
We very recently completed reconditioning of this Nelmor G1012M1. You can see a video of it in operation by clicking on the photo. It has a 3 blade solid rotor with 2 stationary (bed) knives and a 10 HP drive motor. The feed hopper has sound dampening material making it quiet enough for your beside-the-press application. Reply to this email or call 816-862-8703 for a quote.
Our technicians are currently reconditioning Maguire and Novatec blenders for a great client in Oklahoma. What might your operation need repaired by our knowledgeable staff? Tell us what you'd like done, we'll give you a ballpark quote, then once we receive your equipment we'll quickly make all needed repairs and get it back to you for more years of use.
Se Habla Español! Ask for Luis.
Here's another NEW offering from GCP: Vulcan hot runner controls. These are Precise, Rugged, Affordable with your choice of connector, and customizable to any quantity of zones you choose. You can purchase a single control module, multiples, or a complete system. Let us show you how affordable Vulcan can be.
Are surplus items taking up valuable space and constantly in your way? We buy your used items!
Our technicians have been hard at work repairing and verifying proper operation of our extensive inventory of water temperature controllers. They're making sure the water pumps don't leak and everything functions properly. We have Aquatherm, Sterlco, AEC, Conair, Mokon models to choose from. All shown above are tested and ready to ship. Click on the photo to see what models are available.
Call 816-862-8703 or email for more information.
We have also recently received a number of Muller single and dual heads. You can see our inventory of extrusion blow molding processing heads on our website (www.gcplastics) in the catalog under Molding Machines, then click on Blow Molding. Click on the photo above to see this particular dual 100mm head.
Here's yet another newly reconditioned piece of equipment we have for you! It is a Sterling UHF ARR1, 10 HP blower with 8 inch in/out ports. It could be yours for a very reasonable, discounted price.
We have conveyors, cooling towers, parison knives, leak detectors, dome trimmers, box tapers, vacuum pumps, carton erectors, and an ENORMOUS selection of equipment available. Call today!
We renew, reuse, and recycle equipment and parts for the good of our clients and the planet.


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