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June 7, 2016

Offering quality, pre-owned equipment and savings for your business since 1987!
The weather is warming up and so are the deals on our quality pre-owned equipment and parts. To help keep our customers cool we've recently brought on two new employees. We're pleased to welcome Luis and Victor to the GC Plastics family.
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Some of our recently listed offerings can be seen below. Each image is a clickable link that will take you to the item on our website for more info. Please let us know if there is something more we can help with.
Just made available! Uniloy 350R4 serial number 3152, six head on 8 inch centers. This is a good, clean machine with parison programming, and a 100 HP Baldor AC drive motor. Available with a bottle takeout system that removes the tails while bottles remain upright so they can be conveyed to other downstream operations. This excellent offering won't be available very long.
Is the increasing temperature stressing your chilling system? The BAC cooling tower shown is a 160 ton unit which is immediately available. Let us know what you need to keep your water chilled and your system running smoothly.
We reconditioned this very nice Foremost HSFG-1124 High Shear Film Granulator earlier this year and have it available for immediate sale. It has a 30 HP drive and attached 5 HP blower. Is there something we can recondition for you?
The Herbold/Ramco SML60/125 Grinder shown above is currently the largest in our inventory. It has an 18X36 inch feed opening and a 125 HP GE drive motor. It comes with 36 inch diameter cyclone, 7.5 HP blower, and all controls.
Se habla Español!
We are generally thought of as a plastics equipment dealer, but we also have packaging and many other types of equipment in our 4 large warehouses. This 3M box taping machine is model 800AF and with 38.5 inch maximum box height and 22 inch wide max box width. We have other box tapers should this be too large for your needs.
Here's another from our packaging equipment inventory. This SWF McDowell 201LH carton erector utilizes hot glue to seal the bottom flaps on your carton after they have automatically been folded to create the carton.
If conveying equipment is what you need, give us a call. We have many flat, incline, and tabletop conveyors that may be just what you're looking for.
Call 816-862-8703 or email for more information.

We also have a wide variety of water temperature control units (thermolators) in stock. This Sterling dual 9KW unit is model M2B2022-G and operates on 480 Volt power.
Did you know we load all equipment sold from our facility at no additional charge? We also provide freight quotes through our network of logistics brokers to make sure our customers get the best deals possible.
We renew, reuse, and recycle equipment and parts for the good of our clients and the planet.


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